Under the today's business background, rapid decision-making and cost awareness is needed.The benefits of rapid and effective communication inside the company and with partners are immeasurable.Anywhere, anytime, it is easy to hold meetings with our conference call service.It can improve the cost performance, reduce the cost and time of travel, realize the efficiency of the exchange, improve the productivity.
Teleconferencing services can be linked to multiple phones, there are a variety of benefits:
*Call around the meeting of the participants without any movment.
*Cut the achieve of the travel expenses and time,and promote the enthusiasm of the participants.
*Support the rapid decision making.
Do you know the existence of a free international call service.

The charge for international call is just free.You can enjoy the international phone service with business partners,parents or friends who are overseas with a usual phone charge in japan.   Will it be very expensive to make an international call .Free international call service will subverts this traditional concept. Making an international call by mobile phone may take tens to hundres of yen per minitue.

However, if you use free international call service, you will only spend the phone charge on  a domestic level to make an  international call.
   Fixed telephone, mobile phone, PHS, public telephone, etc. All of the telephone can be used.
◎PHS or mobile phone: no matter where the call from , please dial 03-6110-1223.
◎Fixed phone: Please select the nearest area transfer number to call.

*The  phonce charge that  acecess numuber included  will be  asked to pay by  a contract telephone company.  The charge will be different according to the different usage plan of clients. For more details,please contact us by telephone or E-mail.
Dialing Method:  access number+(IDD code+Area code+telephone number)+#
*When you dial , remove the front "0" of the area code ,please.

International Call Service

Teleconferencing service

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