Multi Conceru Service Business
To solve the troubles brought by the language  barriers in airports, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls.

 Multilingual call center provide the enterprises which has language trouble during the process of globalization with in dispensable communication tool. Multilingual translation service over the phone, dispatch the interpreter and translator.outsourcing reception to corresponding foreign customers, get foreigner customers , and provide consultancy to the enterprise that is ready to enter the overseas market . We provide you all-round support with a one-station.
To provide customers with the most appropriate customized services.
According to the needs of customers,we offer flexible arrangements for operating time, the required language, the appropriate program and other customized services.

Outbound call service


In place of your company,we can recognize business according to prior preparation of the guidance or common problems corresponding.

Interpretation service

between the two


When a foreigner customer in front of you, you need to exchange the listener to conduct on-site translation.

Interpretation service

between the three

According to the foreigner customer's question,we carry on the translation service through the responsible person, guest, multi language contact center of the three party calls.

Multi Conceru Center Service Application examples
    * Contact center and help desk for goods or services to foreign guests
    * The windows for foreign tourists to Japan(tourism, hotels, railways, etc.).
    * Interpretation services between the three for foreigner guests to stores.
    * The window for the foreigners of government and local government.
    * The window for foreigners to recruit staff(all industry).

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