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International Call Service Business

Using International telephone service, you can make cheap international calls in a domestic call charge. 10 Available countries or regions including The United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong , Thailand, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Taiwan and Malaysia. If you want to use this service, there is no need to pay for the contract fee , basic monthly free .you also don’t need to worry about the complicated land settings. So that, you can make a cheap overseas call in a domestic charge easily.

Multi Conceru Service


Recently, in the different situations and occasions, the opportunities which need to communicate with foreign clients are gradually increasing. To eliminate the economic worries caused by the long-term employment, you can choose our multi lingual business.

The language personnel in our company can provide more effective service. Multilingual call center, multi lingual Affairs Bureau, multi lingual service desk, etc. 

International Trade


Import suitable products from aboard to expand businesses. Reduce cost and improve income.
 Import some rare products.  All above requirements most enterprises are pursing.
 We established independent network and flexible footwork. 

We are not only feeling the world from the Japanese perspective, but also promoting the international trade business from the world perspective. 

Iternational Medical Service Business

In order to allow overseas guests enjoy the most advanced medical service (treatment, health checks, cosmetic surgery, etc.) in Japan, feel at ease, we provide all the necessary services.


Upon condition and the estimated cost, we try to find the most appropriate medical institutions for our guests, and offer our best service from when they arrived in Japan until return.guests.

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